Advisors & Consultants who deliver Highly Efficient Software Operations
customized to the tune of your business

Thanks to decades of passionate technology efforts, we embody a process for running a highly efficient technology organization from top to bottom.

And we make software platforms and application suites with businesses dedicated to social good, especially when related to healthcare, outdoor activity, and / or education

Operational Philosophy

We follow best practices of Agile software methodologies. The resulting data is then used to strategize a rolling roadmap plan for your budget, or sometimes even further such as product development, sales, and marketing strategies. For any sized organization, the main levers that we can pull and continuously work with you on are:
What are you building?
  • Who will be authorized to use it? How will they be on boarded?
  • Who will pay for it? How will you accept payment?
  • What requirements make this an acceptable and launchable product to justify the your cost or your end user's cost?
  • How much EFFORT does finishing this product require?
Who can and will build it within your budget?
  • What roles need to be filled and honored in order to ensure success?
  • Who will fill each role?
  • What shortcuts can be made to stay under budget?
  • What shortcuts, doomed to failure, are off limits?
  • How long of a ramp up time do the staff need before they can succeed?
When does it need to be done?
  • When do you wish to begin marketing your solution to customers? When can it launch with stable code that can be trusted?
  • What happens if you lose a team member temporarily or permanently?
  • What happens if it takes longer than expected to develop what was planned?
  • What is the process for adjusting to change?
  • What is the fairest way to strike a balance between the business and technological needs of an organization?

If We Build It

If Nerkle takes more than just an advisory role in your project and actually write code with you. Yes. with YOU helping us gather requirements tailored to your business needs. We will recommend different technologies and hosting strategies depending on the planned rollout and expected scalability of your product. Usually, for startups, we recomend a light approach which is to make use of Serverless cloud computing. We will make use of containers for hosting larger operations. We build mostly centralized applications, BUT we believe in a vibrant future with decentralized and semi-decentralized applications, so we work these concepts into our research and thought process.

Building With Nerkle

In addition to an advisory role, Nerkle sometimes partners with clients to build and support their businesses with them

Our development pipeline revolves around 3 stages:

If you are interested in a "Building Partnership" with us, please specify it in your consult request


Initial consultations for serious inquiries are free. Projects may be broken down into multiple phases (or statement(s) of work), which are each billed and contracted separately. Each statement of work's cost is calculated from the market rates of the resources needed to complete the work within an alotted timeframe. The details of resource pricing is delivered after and according to the context of your free consultation.

Upon completion of your project, we offer support contracts of various sizes that help you keep iterating on perfecting your products and solutions. We also handle issues with scalability and reliability of your production traffic.

Request a Consultation

What to expect:
1. Our Response
We communicate whether or not we can help with your requirements. If not, we share our best professional advice for your next steps and where to look elsewhere.
2. Consult Meeting
We meet directly about your project if you wish to engage after our response. We get to know each other, and then clarify and discuss your project ideas further.
3. Rough Estimate
We create milestones for your project and the best, worst, and average case scenarios for project duration and labor costs.
4. Contract
We send a contract that defines the statement of work. Choose whether or not to undertake development with us. Work begins on the contract start date and we iterate on your requirements together until complete.

Your Info
The Problem
The People
The Platform
The Details
What is your project budget?